MyDiary Blood Pressure Log

Backup and Synchronize

To backup the data or move it to another device, use the 'Export' tile from the 'Tools' menu.

Exporting data

This function creates a copy of the data for the selected period. However, only data for the active profile is exported. To export all data you have to export it separately from each of the profiles.

The exported file is saved in the 'Blood Pressure' directory on the SD Card.

Importing data

To import the data select the 'Import' option from the 'Tools' menu, and select one of the files from the list.

The files have to be located in the directory specified at the bottom of the screen.

Entry Editor

All data from the selected file will be added to the active profile. Each record has a unique identification, so if the record was already imported, it will only be updated - rather than duplicated.

Entry Editor

You can import the same data, several times, without worrying about obscuring the data.