MyDiary Blood Pressure Log

View Statistics

The statistics screen can be accessed directly from the main menu. The screen offers several different views that can be selected from the left drop-down menu on the top.

The seek bar on the top of the screen allows you to select how many days should be included in the analyzed data. By default, the last accepted date is the current day. To see older data use the first icon in the action bar.

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Linear Graph

The linear graph shows how the pressure changes in time. Each reading is colored to mark the category to which it belongs. Additional options allow plotting of the mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure, or pulse.

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Line graph can be shown in a split mode, where some of the data is presented on a separate chart for better clarity.

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See how to configure charts

Bar Graph

The bar graph shows the lowest and highest pressure measured during a given day. For every pair of columns, the left column represents the systolic, and the right one represents the diastolic pressure.

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Scatter Diagram

The scatter diagram shows every reading from the selected time period. Darker points correspond to the most recent readings, while older readings fade out.

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The histogram shows how many of the reading belong to each Blood Pressure category. Longer bars means more readings in the corresponding range.

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Systolic pressure is shown on the left and diastolic on the right.

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